Harry Potter | SWAT Golden Snitch

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Our role-play / cosplay SWAT™ from Harry Potter: the Golden Snitch!

To ensure the accuracy of each piece, WB provided Factory Entertainment's designers with access to assets of the original screen used props from the films, as well as various imagery from the set in order to truly capture what's seen on screen. The Golden Snitch features fine details, making this SWATs™ perfect for living out your Quidditch fantasies in an fun and friendly way!

To further enhance the element of play, each Golden Snitch SWAT™ features a series of sounds that play when thrown through the air and on impact!

SWATs™ capture the fun of stylized fantasy weapons, but executed in soft, safe for work and play materials, with sounds specifically tailored to each piece and are intended for ages 8+.



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