Rick And Morty | Portal Gun Bottle Opener

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"Don't look at another man's portal gun history. We all go to weird places."

Factory Entertainment's Rick & Morty Portal Gun Bottle Opener may not be able to actually transport you between different universes and dimensions, but with enough use, you'll certainly feel out of this world!

This bottle opener features a bottle cap firing function! A party trick your friends will want to see!

To operate;
1. Press and hold the black trigger button and, while holding it down, pull back the green dome.
2. Release the black trigger button. The green dome should be locked into place at the bottom of the slide channel. If not, repeat step 1 and 2.
3. Open a bottle.
4. Press the black trigger button to fire the bottle cap.

Be careful! Frequent use may accidentally lead to a distorted alternate reality!

THIS IS NOT A TOY! this is a collectible intended for persons aged 18 years and older only.

DO NOT aim the collectible at any person or animal while using the cap-firing function.




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