STLV: 57 Year Mission Las Vegas

We'll Be Exhibiting At STLV: 57-Year Mission Las Vegas
August 3-6, 2023 At The Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino

We're thrilled to announce our first-ever appearance at a Star Trek convention: STLV: 57-Year Mission Las Vegas!In addition to bringing an assortment of our Star Trek products for sale, we'll also be displaying prototypes of replicas from our 2024 line, spanning decades of Star Trek lore from the original series films to Star Trek:  Strange New Worlds.We'll also be revealing a new large-scale replica of an iconic Star Trek starship from our recently announced FE Masterworks™ line, which, in case you haven't heard yet, is dedicated to creating hand-built artisan models of spaceships and other iconic film vehicles and props. More information is available at www.FEMasterworks.comAs if that weren't enough, we're honored to announce that we'll be hosting a couple of special guests at our booth -- Star Trek: Picard Production Designer Dave Blass and Art Director Liz Kloczkowski. Each will be appearing during specific times during the show, to be announced at the convention.

Last, but not least -- Among other items for sale, there will also be Convention Exclusive Star Trek offerings!

We look forward to seeing you at the show!