House Of The Dragon | Blackfyre Sword Limited Edition Prop Replica

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“A Targaryen must be seated on The Iron Throne.”  Viserys I

Blackfyre is one of the ancestral Valyrian blades of House Targaryen. Passed down through the hands of many prominent members of the Targaryen line, it originally belonged to Aegon The Conqueror, founder of the Targaryen dynasty.

Wielded as a symbol of power by King Viserys I, Blackfyre is a bastard sword, so nick-named because of its hand-&-a-half proportions. Its wide blade is a ‘chopper’ designed for both offence and defense.

Tim Lewis, Master Armorer for House of the Dragon, contracted world-renowned swordsmith Peter Johnsson to make the original Blackfyre hero prop.  A true master of his craft, Peter is also a historian with unparalleled knowledge of the ancient art of sword making. His expertise imbued Blackfyre with an authentic sense of character and heritage.

The Factory Entertainment Blackfyre prop replica was created after careful study of the hero prop. Our team interviewed both Peter Johnsson and Tim Lewis, who each provided a wealth of previously unseen behind the scenes information including details and photographs of the construction of the original prop. We are very grateful for their assistance and input.

Each replica has been created using similar traditional techniques to the original hero prop, including lost-wax casting. Similar materials have also been chosen including wood, leather and metal. To replicate the appearance of the Damascus steel blade used on the hero prop, the Factory Entertainment team elected to use high quality En42 spring steel with a pattern that has been chemically etched into the blade.

Each replica includes a sequentially numbered wall hanging plaque and is presented in a full color box with a certificate of authenticity. 

Edition Size: 500 pieces.

Sword Only 45.5” Long (115cm) 
Boxed product 48x12x4” (121x31x11cm)

Sword Only 4.5lbs (2.04kgs) 
Boxed Product 8.4lbs (3.8kgs)