James Bond | Bird One Scaled Prop Replica

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A high quality, officially licensed scaled prop replica of the Bird One, the mysterious spacecraft use by SPECTRE to hijack both American and Soviet spacecraft in YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE (1967).

This stunning 6 1/2 -inch long scaled prop replica is cast out of solid metal, includes a display stand, two interchangeable space capsules and comes in collector packaging.

Factory Entertainment is here to help expand the pop-culture collecting experience with its Scaled Prop Replica line. All Scaled Prop Replicas are available at an entry-level, affordable price while not skimping on the fine details that collectors have come to expect from Factory Entertainment’s full scale replicas. Collect them all!

This scaled replica includes two space capsules: 1 x Jupiter Capsule. 1 x Vostok Capsule. The doors of the Bird One rocket are fixed in the open position allowing you to display a recreation of the ‘capture’ of either capsule.

Scaled replica off stand: 13.6oz (385g)
Boxed product: 22oz (603g)

Scaled replica off stand: 6.5x3x3.5” (16.5x7.5x8.8cm)
Boxed product: 7.5x5.5x3 (19x13.9x7.5cm)



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