The Princess Bride | Count Rugen Dagger Limited Edition Prop Replica

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‘You’ve been chasing me your whole life, only to fail now, I think that’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard… how marvelous”
- Count Rugen

The trusty hidden weapon of the six-fingered man! When Inigo Montoya tracks Count Rugen down, rather than face Inigo in a fair fight, the Count attempts to flee, then draws a dagger from his boot and throws it at Inigo, striking a vicious blow!

Factory Entertainment was permitted access to the original prop Count Rugen Dagger, which had been carefully preserved over the years by the production company of the film's Executive Producer, Norman Lear.

We carefully studied and examined the originals, as well as detailed photographs, and were able to verify concise measurements to ensure absolute accuracy.

Each replica has a hand-forged stainless steel blade with a full-tang, stainless steel guard and polished buffalo horn handle. The dagger is supplied with a dull edge on both sides of the blade for safety purposes and is not sharpened, but it features an unavoidably sharp point due to its shape. A wooden stand is included to display this collectible to maximum effect.


The blade should be polished with a soft dry cloth after a handling, stubborn grime/fingerprints can be removed with a weak solution of mild dish-soap and water applied with a damp cloth, dried and polished off with a soft dry cloth.

The blade has a mirror-polish finish. Do not scrub it. Do not use any chemical cleaner, abrasive polishes or homemade cleaners. (such as backing soda, vinegar or ammonia.)

The entire replica will benefit from the occasional light dusting with a feather duster, antistatic dusting wand or canned air duster.

Always remove the replica from the display base when cleaning or dusting.


This is a collectible, intended only for adults aged 18 years and older.

It is intended for display only and should be treated with respect.

It has a pointed blade, always use extreme caution when handling.

Never swing, throw or hit ANYTHING or ANYONE with it.



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