Dune | Crysknife Limited Edition Prop Replica

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“It’s a maker….” Lady Jessica

This replica reproduces the prop knife as seen in 1984’s DUNE, perhaps most memorably in the scene that captures the knife fight between Paul Atreides and Feyd-Rautha.

In Dune lore a Crysknife is formed from the tooth of the Sandworm or Shai-Hulud which are sacred to the Fremen of Arrakis.

Each young Fremen receives a Crysknife after completing a ritual to confirm his adulthood, and legend states that a Crysknife cannot be seen by outsiders, nor can it be re-sheathed until it has drawn blood.

Different props were produced for the film – a hero prop and a special effects prop which incorporated a concealed ‘bloodletting’ feature allowing stage blood to ‘appear’ as the blade inflicted an on-screen wound. This necessitated some changes to the geometry of the blade and the size of the handle. Therefore, each prop is slightly different, although both were made from epoxy resin.

The Factory Entertainment team studied the original props and created a 3d model that perfectly captures the nuances of each, blended into a single execution. Cast from durable bone colored epoxy resin, each replica is then hand finished and weathered for the correct on-screen look. This painstaking process means that, like the original props, no two pieces are exactly identical.

Each officially licensed replica is supplied with a custom-designed display stand, numbered metal plaque and certificate of authenticity booklet allowing you to showcase this iconic piece of cinematic history with pride.

Limited to 750 pieces

“Bless the maker and his water, bless the coming and going of him, may his passing cleanse the world.”  Dr. Kynes

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