Men In Black | The Arquilian Galaxy Necklace Limited Edition Prop Replica

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"To prevent war, the galaxy is on Orion's Belt"

The Arquilian Galaxy, the best source of subatomic energy in the universe, was famously concealed within a pendant and was a major plot device in 1997’s Men In Black.

Two different props were created for the film; a cat-sized version designed to be worn by the feline playing Orion, and a much larger scaled-up prop for the close-up shot where a spiraling galaxy was added using digital effects.

The Factory Entertainment team was able to visit the Columbia Pictures archive and study the original props in detail for maximum accuracy.

Each replica is cast in metal and is a precise copy of the cat-sized prop, including the distinctive double snake-chain design seen on the originals. An iridescent sphere has been incorporated into the center, which can be rotated to suggest the digital galaxy effect seen on screen.

Packaged in a distinctive magnetic-flap gift box, each replica is accompanied by an individually numbered COA booklet.


  • Box: 11.4x6.2x2.3”(29x15.8x5.8cm)
  • Pendant Only: 2x1.5” (5.8x3.8cm)
  • Chain Length: 6” (15.2cm)
  • GW: 0.95lbs (0.43kgs) 



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