The Green Hornet | Gas Gun & Kato Dart Signature Edition Prop Replica

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‘Hornet Gun, check!’

Factory Entertainment is proud to present its Gas Gun & Kato Dart prop replica from the 1966 television series The Green Hornet. The officially licensed replica was created after exhaustive and careful study of surviving original props from the show as well as archive materials to ensure maximum accuracy.

The replica is modeled on a ‘hero’ prop used for close up scenes and has working features that include a moving trigger mechanism and adjustable gas gauge. Push the release catch and a hidden door in the handle opens, containing a solid metal gas cartridge that can be removed. The replica is hand crafted from aluminum, brass, zinc and resin components. It has a heavy weight high quality feel and is finished in a two tone green paint scheme which matches the prop seen in most episodes as well as the opening credits.

The Kato Dart replica is similarly hand crafted and features a metal barb, molded body and translucent wings. It is decorated with a yellow body design to match a dart prop thrown by Kato in the episode ‘Freeway To Death.’

Limited to only 250 numbered pieces worldwide each replica comes complete with a museum quality display base with acrylic cover and includes a detailed prop story booklet , blueprint style instructions, certificate of authenticity and a numbered signature edition plaque. The product is presented in a presentation style box bearing the distinctive hornet moiré pattern.

This very special signature edition includes a hand signed autograph of the Green Hornet himself, Mr. Van Williams, the actor who portrayed Britt Reid and his alter ego The Green Hornet in every one of the original episodes .

The Original Props

As in his earlier radio and movie serial incarnations, the Green Hornet carried a futuristic and non-lethal sidearm, the Gas Gun, which as its name suggests emitted a jet of gas which could be used subdue or incapacitate an opponent, or indeed even the occasional law enforcement officer who attempted to thwart the Hornet’s plans. A master of martial arts at close range, Kato would sometimes employ throwing darts against more long distance targets.

Several different versions of gas gun prop were used during the production of the original TV series. These ranged from very basic non functional pieces for stunt, or distance shots, often lacking detail and simply carved from wood or rubber, to more complex and detailed ‘hero’ pieces for close up or action shots. In the days before computer aided special effects there was even a version which could actually ‘fire’ jets of colored powder for a pretty convincing onscreen gas effect. The original gas gun props were constructed from a number of ‘found’ or recycled items as well as custom made elements that were combined to create a prop whose design foreshadowed a sleekly styled look that would be seen in real world gun design decades later. Kato’s throwing dart props were created from the body of a wooden English pub style dart. Wings and ‘eyes’ were added to create a more distinct insect motif. The dart props were intended to emulate the ‘shuriken’ throwing weapons used in some martial arts disciplines.


Limited To 250 Pieces



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