The Princess Bride | Cliffs Of Insanity Limited Edition Statues

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‘You seem a decent Fellow… I hate to kill you’
‘You seem a decent Fellow… I hate to die’

Presented in approximately 1:5 scale these beautifully detailed statues stand 13” tall and capture the famous Spanish swordsman Inigo Montoya and the dashing Dread Pirate Roberts during the famous duel scene atop ‘The Cliffs of Insanity.’ Replicating one of the most famous sword fights in movie history, these statues are authentically detailed with screen accurate costumes and swords.

Whether you are left or right handed and favor Bonetti, Agrippa or Capo Fero you will be able to appreciate the artistry of these numbered limited edition pieces. Hurry, each statue is limited to only 500 pieces worldwide!

Product Height: 15”
Product Weight: 10lbs
Base Footprint: 13” x 8”
Sculptor: Alex Heinke & Owen Oertling
Paint Design: Sherri Cook



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