Wonder Woman | God Killer Sword Prop Replica Elite Edition

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An Elite Edition of Princess Diana's iconic weapon, the God Killer Sword, as featured in the hit Warner Bros. motion picture, Wonder Woman.

The Prop

Wonder Woman ascended a high tower on Themyscira to acquire one of the many gifts the gods gave to the Amazons to use in her efforts to slay Ares the God of War. Any ordinary weapon wouldn't stand a chance against such a powerful foe, so she obtained a sword fashioned by Zeus himself, the God Killer.

The Replica

Factory Entertainment released a 1500-piece Limited Edition of the God Killer Sword in 2018, which sold out in record time. Since then, we've received many requests from collectors to make it available again. In order to satisfy our customers’ wishes, while preserving the collectability of the original Limited Edition, we’ve chosen to create a new Elite Edition God Killer replica sword, which has some key upgrades from the previous Limited Edition.

Each Elite Edition replica was hand-crafted using traditional sword making techniques and premium materials, including:

A hand-forged H1 stainless steel, mirror polished blade, featuring acid-etched Amazonian runic script.
A seamless, sand-cast brass-alloy hilt.

The replica measures 29” (79cm) long and weighs a hefty 3 pounds (1.4kgs).

Each numbered, museum-quality replica comes with a wooden wall hanging display plaque featuring artwork from Wonder Woman's shield, a full color gift box and a certificate of authenticity.




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